Navigating the aging process can be daunting for individuals and their loved ones. Many questions arise and it may be difficult to know where to turn for answers. Sadly, all too often these questions go unasked and unanswered. Creating an individualized Elder Care Plan empowers seniors and their families with the information necessary to make fact based decisions.

An Elder Care Plan considers the individual’s goals with regards to their safety and desired quality of life, including living arrangements, health care needs and social needs. By researching the resources available, considering those already established and future options, a personalized plan is formulated along with the associated costs.

With an individualized Elder Care Plan, well informed decisions can replace fear of the unknown. What was once overwhelming can be understood and managed intentionally, preserving resources for the individual’s needs principally, and the estate thereafter.

Elder Care Plans

Meridian Solutions, LLC                                              Donna Jennings, MPAS, PA-C, CLCP